We've Moved!

We've been using this site that you are currently on as a marketing and customer service tool since we launched our brand back in 2017. For the past year and half curious minds have visited this site to see what we are all about. Many customers from around the world bought tees from us using this platform, while others read blog posts about what's happening in the world of vinyl. This site has got so much web traffic that we are ranked in the top 9% of all Shopify stores launched in 2017.

The one thing that we couldn't do for you was the one thing that everyone wanted: where are the records? We could see your searches, as entertaining as some of them were like the time someone was looking for "Rock 'em Sock 'em 18". Hockey DVDs? Really? We appreciate whoever that was for trying us at least.

We have beta launched our new website this year and while it isn't a pretty as this one, it's very much product first - specifically vinyl. Our first month of sales is under our belt and we have been blown away by how many people have ordered records in such a short time. Lots of great feedback about how easy it was and how impressed customers are with how we packed their records.

Lots of Toronto customers have been using the in store pick up feature too, something quite valuable when stock is limited on certain releases. We update the homepage every Friday with the most important new releases. You can also pre-order exclusive vinyl releases that you can't get online from Amazon.

We are shutting down this site in a couple weeks. Thanks for being part of this journey so far. Please visit us at POP-MUSIC.CA - don't worry we are keeping this web address, you'll just be redirected!


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