Record Store Day 2019: The List!

There's nothing quite like the anticipation that surrounds Record Store Day. Fans eagerly wait to see what cool exclusives their favourite artists are putting out on this special day. Every year it becomes a question of who will, what will and how am I going to get it?

We executed our very first RSD last April. Not really knowing what to expect, we placed our first orders right away with what we thought would be enough. Before we knew it, we were placing more and more orders as fans continued to reach out to us in the weeks leading up to the event. While we are unable to hold RSD titles for anyone, this fan feedback encouraged us buy more stock for the event. Many west-end shop loyalists were beyond thrilled that we had what they wanted, avoiding the chaos of the larger stores.

So with that said, we ask that you look at the list and reach out with what you'd like to see in our shop on Record Store Day. We will do our absolute best to make sure that we are ready for you April 13th.

Send us your RSD feedback:

Record Store Day Canada List

International Record Store Day List  (Including Canada)

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  • For record store Day, looking for Elvis Costello “purse” 12" single, Ramones dble live LP, teenage head dble LP and Jim cuddy 7" single

    Stephen Tomlinson

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