Our First #NewMusicFriday

A new milestone was hit today with our first real #NewMusicFriday.  For decades new releases would drop on Tuesdays but a couple years ago the industry moved to it to Fridays as a way to synchronize album release dates across the globe.  The hashtag #NewMusicFriday promoted the change and it’s something that has stuck ever since.

Next Friday is possibly the most important release date this month as it’s Black Friday Record Store Day.  Something that was born a few years ago as a cousin of the original Record Store Day which takes place every year in mid April.  Both of these days provide record collectors plenty of exclusive releases that are pressed in very limited supply.  They can end up going on auction sites like eBay within hours of being released based on how much demand there is.  At Pop Music we have ordered a few titles for next week but we will be in a much better position in April to bring in much more.  As always let us know what your hunting for and we will do our best to bring it in for you.  It might not even been too late to get something for next Friday.  Give us a shout!

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  • Derek – this is great news about your new store! I am moving to the neighbourhood in just over a month, I look forward to checking out and supporting your store.


    Michael Scarlett

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